Door Sizes

Hi This is a short video from Where we're going to take a look at how to determine which size doors you will need to order.
First things first when measuring for your new door please remember to measure the opening of your frame rather than the existing door.

You will notice the doors on our website are all based around industry-standard sizes Obviously , varying sizes do occur but for the purpose of this video we will stick to the standard sized external doors.

Generally there are three sizes of external door
In imperial measurements these are as follows
66 x 26    Or.   78in x 30
66 x 29.     Or.  78in x 33
68 x 28.     Or.   80in x 32

In millimeters these are as follows
1981 x 762
1981 x 838
2032 x 813

Although we now use millimetres as the standard measurement . Doors are still referred to in feet and inches for example 2ft, 2ft 3 , 2 ft 6 so on..... Just for the fact it's Easier to refer to than 1981 x ........

You will find the sizes also apply to interior doors. Although they generally come in a wide variety of sizes, the theory stays the same.

I hope this short guide is of great use to you and will help you in choosing your new doors, And please remember you can never Measure something too many times or to accurately!!

If you are still unsure by all means get in touch online at