A look at Timber Back Doors

Timber Back Doors

Timber Back Doors

Replacement Timber Back Doors

An inexpensive energy saving option for your home

Replacing your external doors is a great way to save on energy efficiency and heating costs in your home. Where a hardwood front entrance door is a feature piece of any property and often a well planned expense, the style and glazing, even the colour can be a big decision for the looks and appearance of the home. The back door and rear entrance to your property can often be over looked but is still a vital part of the energy efficiency and therefore heating costs involved in running a family house.

The majority of homes in the UK still use timber doors for all of the benefits over pvc. New build homes are usually fitted with a modern composite door to the front of the house for the curb appeal. This is specified by the builder or housing authority, however the back doors can be very basic and budget ranges are used. For this reason many people will replace their back doors with timber sets, offering the traditional, time tested solidity and looks.

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If you have an older property then it is often already a timber back door and therefore has a timber frame. If your timber frame is in good condition then an inexpensive way to improve your energy costs is to replace the door only.  Coupled with a new locking system, you can greatly improve your security, looks and energy cost for very little expense.

A timber back door is more efficient than a budget range upvc door, not to mention much more secure. The various security options and locking options that can be installed are pretty much endless and along with the double glazing now installed to all of our external back doors this creates a great combination for a replacement back door.  

Replacement Hardwood Timber Frame

If your timber door frame needs to be replaced or you are removing a pvc door frame, a replacement hardwood timber frame is a great option. Supplied with a pre grooved weather resistant draught seal all round, coupled with the hardwood sill these are available in industry standard sizes that will suite the majority of brickwork opening. Once installed the opening is then suitable for a standard sized external back door.

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We have picked out some of most popular styles of door from our collection that are most often ordered for use as back doors. Covering all of the discussed options above these doors prove very popular with home improvement projects or as great option where a tired old door needs to be replaced.

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If you need any advice on timber back doors or door replacements in general please feel free to get in touch with us. You can chat with us live using the green chat bubble at the bottom right of the screen or drop us an email with your enquiry to info@davesdoors.co.uk and we are happy to help.


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