Back Doors

External back doors. Choose from either, half glazed, solid or stable style doors.

If you are looking to let in light to your property a glazed or half glazed door is the choice for you. Not only do they look great but also allow floods of light in to what can often be dark areas.

The Steeton door in the main image is a very popular choice,  however Stable doors such as our best selling 9 Pane Double Glazed Hardwood Stable Door can also be a great idea if you are looking to let in the light and air on a warm sunny day but keep out the cold during those winter months. Stable doors are also great if you have pets and children that you want keep in (or out!) of the house!

Our glazed back doors are all double glazed so the thermal efficiency is no longer an issue as they were with old single glazed doors of the past. The Pattern 10 Oak is a very popular choice if you want that full glass, patio door effect but only have a single door opening to your garden or court yard.

If your external back door simply opens on to an area that you do not need vision panels for, or on to a tight passage way from a utilityroom for example, something straight forward and functional can be used such as the 4 Panel or 6 Panel doors. If you still want the light to come into the area but do not want to see what is outside, something such as the Richmond Double Glazed will tick all the boxes with its obscured glass panels on the top half and two solid panels at the bottom.

For more information take a look at Timber Back Doors, How to Measure for your new External Door Blog posts or see our products below...

For Installation guidance visit Installation Guide - External Door & Frame

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Showing 1 - 25 of 29 products
Showing 1 - 25 of 29 products