Office Doors - FAQ

Office Doors - FAQ

Here we have some of our frequently asked questions on the subjest of Office Doors for commercial buildings.


What is the standard size of an office door?

In commercial buildings, to meet part M building compliance in the uk for disabled wheelchair access, an office door is required to be 838mm x 1981mm (33in x 78in) or more.

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How thick is a standard UK office door?

The majority of UK wooden office doors are fire rated to a minimum FD30 fire rating for commercial buildings, meaning the door would be 44mm thick. FD60 doors are often thicker at 54mm.


Are all office doors fire rated?

The majority of modern commercial buildings will need to have fire doors installed. FD30 doors will often be 44mm thick and will have a certificate attached to the top edge of the door which must not be removed.

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How many hinges does an office door need uk?

We would recommend 3 hinges on any door, however on a fire rated office door 3 hinges is a minimum requirement in the uk.

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Does an office door need an automatic door closer?

Automatic door closers are a minimum requirement on fire rated door. So if your office door is a fire door you will need to have a door closer installed.

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If you have any other questions not covered here get in touch with us eaither via the chat bubble in the bottom left of the page, or drop us an email to with your enquiry.

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