Delivery Details

We deliver nationwide.
Delivery cost is dependant on which area of the UK you are based.
Upon checkout please choose your region from the drop down box and your charge will be displayed on your total.
We sometimes use an external delivery company and will supply delivery times where possible, however all deliveries will be made in accordance to the delivery company's policies.
We work to a 14 day lead time, however the majority of our orders will be delivered within 7 days. Lead times vary between door styles and quantities.
Once your order has been processed you will receive an email containing your delivery date.
If this date is not suitable please reply to the email.
Missed deliveries will be returned to depot. Deliveries can be re-booked HERE - there is a charge for this service so please contact us if your original date is not suitable and we will try to reschedule to a more suitable date.
Order cancellations will be subject to a processing fee/re-stocking charge. (usually a minimal percentage of the total order including any costs incured, for more info on cancellations click here.)
To view our terms and conditions please click on the 'Terms and Conditions' tab in the gray bar at the foot of the page.