Door Preparation and Installation Guide

Storage and Handling
  • Handle and Store with care
  • Ensure that storage space is well ventilated and has not been recently plastered.
  • Protect from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight
  • Keep doors dry at all times
  • Store doors flat on at least three level bearers.
  • The building should be well ventilated and not recently plastered.

  • All doors should be sealed and air gaps plugged immediately following delivery.
  • Door faces and exposed end grain (including after cutting) should be sealed and primed.
  • When trimming, ensure that equal amounts are removed from both edges (within trim allowances)
  • All exposed wood must be treated.

  • Products should be clean and dry before decoration.
  • For best results, follow instructions provided by paint or stain manufacturer
  • When dealing with 'Paint and Peel' glazing, ensure that protective film is removed from the glass after decorating.

Care and Maintenance
  • Protect wood finish and timber by adhering to manufacturer's instructions
  • Dust the door (without polish) or use a damp cloth to clean off any dirt
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive substances