Fire Doors and Fire Safety

What are Fire Doors?

Fire Doors are doors for residential and commercial use made from tested materials deemed suitable for fire resistance for a specific burn time.

What is FD30 or FD60?

FD30 and FD60 is the rating of a fire door and its burn time. An FD30 Fire Door has a minimum burn time of 30 minutes, an FD60 Fire Door has a minimum burn time of 60 minutes.
Often FD30 doors are 44mm thick, where FD60 doors are 54mm thick. You can also purchase Slimline FD30 doors for installation into standard residential door liners which are 35mm thick. 

Can Fire Doors be installed into standard frames?

At the time of writing FD30 and FD60 fire doors can be used to replace standard doors in to standard frames using a few extra items to meet current specification.

What is Intumescent Strip?

Intumescent strips are self expanding strips used to seal a fire door in to its opening in the event of a fire. Used along side other fire rated hardware these strips help resist fire to the specified burn time of the fire door installed. At time of writing these strips can be installed directly in to a Fire Liner or the edges of your existing Fire Door.

What are Loose Stop Fire Liners?

These are like regular door liners with a loose stop / clapping strip, however Fire Liners are supplied with a 15mm x 4mm groove to receive Intumescent Fire Seal or Intumescent Fire and Smoke Seal.

What hardware is needed to meet current Fire Regulations?

At time of writing, to make your fire door meet the basic regulations you will require the following....
A fire door with either a 30 minute rating or 60 minute rating.
Intumescent strips installed either in to the door liner or the edge of the door itself on the hinge side, latch side and top edge of the door with no more than a 10mm gap at the bottom.
At least 3x four inch ball bearing fire rated hinges (depending on the size and weight of the door installed)
An over head or acoustic door closer to automatically close the door in the event of a fire. 

This is a rough guide to the available items for fire door safety, when installing a fire door always work to the specification the building inspector or person responsible for signing off the work carried out. Every building and door way are different and should be inspected by a fully qualified inspector.

Never cut corners with fire safety.


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