Top 5 Most Popular Wooden Front Doors for 2023

Top 5 Most Popular Wooden Front Doors for 2023

Top 5 Most Popular Wooden Front Doors for 2023

We have compiled a list of the top 5 most popular wooden front door styles for 2023

A new front door is something that can transform the look and feel of your home.  They are usually made from one of 3 different materials, wood, pvc and composite (usually some form of GRP).

With upvc doors at the bottom of the pile and fast becoming a very unpopular product for their many failings (the terrible impact of plastic on the planet and very poor thermal efficiency being the 2 biggest down sides) their one possible saving grace is the fact that they are so very cheap. Cheap to make, cheap in quality and cheap in appearance, and usually (but not always!) cheap to buy for the end user….that being said, you WILL have to replace it sooner than the other 2 options so….

Composite doors are the latest version of this type of external door and are a far superior product to it's predecessor. They can also vary in quality, price and appearance but generaly we ARE fans of the modern Composite door if, for no other reason than their great thermal efficency and lack of maintence required.

However, the king of all external doors is still the hardwood timber door. Offering tried and tested performance for hundreds of years, great thermal qualities and great for the environment (yes, even being made from trees, the carbon foot print of a timber door is much less than an industrially manufactured plastic door, which in the long and short of it are made from oil etc, etc…) Our modern timber doors are manufactured from FSC responsibly sourced timbers and being engineered also now require far less timber waste in the process and are designed to last even longer than before.

As an age old product, with so many timeless styles and variations available to the public, we have selected the following top 5 shortlist of the most popular Hardwood and Oak front doors based on sales and enquiries over the last 12 months and beyond.

So in no particular order they are as follows…

A Modern Classic - The Dordogne Mexicana Oak External Door.

Solid in appearance and construction, this modern classic in Oak offers simple but stylish lines and has a large range of solid and glazed interior doors to match. With the option to add traditional hardware for that country cottage look OR a modern chunky brushed stainless bar handle, this Oak external front door has been a very popular options for almost 10 years. The Dordogne Mexicana Oak External Door.

Timeless Favourite - The Carolina Hardwood External Door.

The Carolina hardwood external door is THE town house front door and has been a favourite throughout London and the UK for decades. A traditional stylish door with its 4 large, raised and fielded panels, strong central rail (perfect for the traditional letterbox) and 4 pane Sunburst double glazing to let in the daylight, but also maintain privacy from the busy streets outside. We don't see this door going out of fashion any time soon, still topping the charts with a timeless look. The Carolina Hardwood External Door. 

Country Style - The Kendal Bosworth Double Glazed External Door.

This one speaks for itself! Our all time, best selling door of past and present, with a 9 light design that adds a stylish twist to the traditional panel front door. Letting in floods of natural light through its double glazed upper half and raised panel lower section, this door is a favourite throughout the countryside and towns alike! The distant hum of a tractor ploughing the field, interrupted by the posties foot steps cruching down your gravel driveway….He's early today, good job as we're off out for a pub lunch! The Kendal Bosworth Double Glazed External Door.

The Original - 6 Panel Mortice and Tenon External Door.

If asked to imagine an external door, this is probably the door! Constructed using through Mortice and Tenon joints, it does'nt get more traditional than a strong 6 panel classic design. With raised and fielded panels, much like the Carolina but with 2 smaller top panels rather than glazing. Full privacy is the order of the day with this one, and another long standing favourite over the years. Keeping the outside out and the inside in, this door style offers full practicality and functionality, no messing.  The 6 Panel Mortice & Tenon External Door

A Popular Pair - The Chesham Cottage Oak External Door & The Stable Cottage Oak Glazed External Door.

A very popular pairing are the Chesham Cottage Oak along with the equivalent door for the back of the property, where the stable style comes into its own. Often ordered together, these two doors complement each other perfectly and the Stable version is perfect for those summer days letting in floods of light and fresh air whilst keeping pets and children from roaming free! Ideal for rear kitchens and utilityrooms where fresh air is a must. The solidity of the Oak Stable also doubles up as a stong single leaf door once those winter months starts to close in. The Chesham Cottage Oak External Door and The Stable Cottage Oak Glazed External Door.

If you would like any furthe details about the doors featured above feel free to get in touch with us, either via our chat bubble at the bottom right of the screen, our email or click the links in the descriptions to view the products live on our website where they are available to order.


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