Why Choose a GRP Composite Door?

Hardwood, uPVC or GRP Composite?

Lets start at the bottom. The ugly plastic uPVC external door. This kind of door was very popular in the 1980's as a cheap alternative to timber. However people soon became aware they were also forfeiting insulation and security as these doors are very light weight and easily broken into!
Hardwood and timber doors have been around almost as long as buildings themselves and although manufacturing tecniques have changed slightly over the years they offer great, natural insulation and solid security. The only down side to a timber door is a small amount of maintenance to maintain the doors life span, such as painting or varnishing annually.
GRP Composite is the latest step in the door world, offering very high security and some of the best energy efficiency. Not to mention easy installation and very low maintenance.
Take a look at how they stack up to each other in the table below...


Fitting a door will not always guarantee your customer the latest security. Burglars are pretty good at finding the weak points, but the ERA cylinder-free lock is so secure, we guarantee you it won’t happen to your new composite door.

With a traditional mortice key, the door doesn’t need a locking cylinder because the key engages directly to the lock. No cylinder means no chance of your composite door being opened by a burglar snapping or bumping the cylinder.

We also offer £500 cash and a free replacement composite door should your door be broken in to!

Energy Efficient.

The Green Deal is a Government initiative launched in January 2013 designed to help save energy and reduce carbon emissions from existing UK properties.

Daves Doors is perfectly placed to help our customers take advantage of the Green Deal. Every composite door is energy rated (with a certificate to prove it), CE marked and completely guaranteed for 10 years.

10 Colours To Choose From.

The composite door can be as individual as you like. Three new composite door colours; Grey, Cream and Chartwell Green, have added to our existing seven; White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Oak and Darkwood.
We also offer 9 frame colours white, mahogany, cherrywood, oak, white grain, brown–black, along with the new grey, cream and chartwell green frame colours to compliment the new GRP composite door colours.

GRP Skinned.

To give great definition and long life performance Daves Doors composite doors use Glass Reinforced Plastic skins. That’s the same material used to make the hulls of boats!

Our GRP Composite Door Designer.

Design your very own composite door with our door designer HERE. Choose the style, colour, frame, locks and hardware, top lights or side lights and get the price straight away with our quotation system. Give it a go, and happy designing!!

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